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I embarked in all earnest on my doctorate in business administration (DBA) in April 2020 soon after COVID-19 shutdowns occurred because I knew I would finally have weekends and evenings to dedicate to the intense time and work the program required. The DBA is designed for executive-level working professionals and combines scholarly research with practitioner experience. The program emphasizes management theory, strategic thinking, organizational leadership, change, research, innovation, and sustainability in the global business environment. The years of classes culminate into the last phase which is the dissertation research and writing that is spread over three semesters. I am sharing this journey with you here, mainly focusing on the dissertation phase.

If you like my work and you'd like to su


Updates and Latest Work

Findings from the latest class (DBA 850: Producing Original Management Ideas that Influence: Publishing and Conferencing) are being published in a blog series: How do Brand and Stakeholders Impact Strategic Management in Nonprofits.


Pictures from Program

SOARS presentation - student opportunities to advance

research scholarship

Image by IA SB
Image by Brett Jordan


Motivational Reminders

  • Enjoy the journey

  • Take one step at a time

  • It will fly by

  • I will appreciate my regular busy life when it's over instead of extra, ridiculously busy life that is


Courses in DBA


  • Foundations of Doctoral Studies

Core Courses

  • Interpreting and Translating Management Theory in Practice

  • Research as a Tool for Management Decision Making

  • Evidence-Based Research Methods

  • Data Analytics in Practice

  • Designing Evidence-Based Management Solutions

  • Producing Original Management Ideas that Influence: Publishing and Conferencing 

Dissertation Courses

  • Producing Actionable Knowledge: Dissertation Problem Statement and Literature Review 

  • Producing Actionable Knowledge: Dissertation Methodology and Analysis

  • Producing Actionable Knowledge: Management Implications from Dissertation Research

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