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2022 Is The Year for Progress

Take the time to reflect on the progress you've made in the past year. It's common to feel like you’re always working toward something but not making progress? I'm always working on goals. I haven't made resolutions since my 20s, but I do always set short term and long term goals for myself that range from as small as pray more every morning (instead of just at night and at meal time) to larger ones such as work on my doctorate. I’m always planning too, but that's a whole other matter. I often hear my family, friends, and colleagues talking about their life and challenges. But one thing that gets overlooked is the progress they're making in various areas. We need to acknowledge the progress we’re making along the way and additionally share our journey of how we made that progress. People have asked me ‘how do you do it’? So I’m going to open up and share how I make progress across various aspects of my personal and professional life. Hopefully, you’ll do the same thing so we can learn and grow together. So start now and acknowledge what you've already accomplished and answer this question: What can you do today that you couldn't do a year ago? Ponder that and share if you feel so inclined.

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