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Communication and Culture

Collaboration, inclusivity, and teamwork are some hallmarks of my leadership approach. But no one is perfect and we all can continue to learn and grow in these areas to build more effective environments at home and at work. When you do build more inclusive and collaborative environments, it can spark innovation and instill trust. That is why I plan to discuss these topics and unpack them in various ways.

I majored in communication (interpersonal/social communication) in my undergraduate days at the University of Maryland, College Park. Communication has always fascinated me since then. I ended up working in marketing and communications (not the interpersonal side but rather connecting content and channels to audiences). However, there is no escaping the interpersonal communication is there? It is in us and all around us at the same time.

Later, I ended up teaching an online communication masters course part time about business communication and culture as an adjunct professor. I speak and train on this matter because it is ubiquitous and of utmost importance to our livelihoods.

Some organizations and individuals realize this sooner or later and that it is not something that you should leave to chance. Communication and all of its parts can be strategically enhanced and utilized to improve our relationships within our familial networks, within our communities, within our friendship groups, and yes within our companies.

How important do you think communication is in your life?

  • Very important

  • Somewhat important

  • Not sure

  • Not at all important

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